Destination for New Ideas

For Taj Holding, the future lies in a combination of three elements: You, Us and Saudi Arabia.

The Spark

We believe that impactful inventions need more than funding to thrive. At Taj Holding, we take your idea to ignite all our capabilities to turn it into a strong business. In our collective path to success, your idea takes center stage and sparks a long-term relationship that will guide and help you every step of the way.

The Catalyst

As soon as we see potential, we immediately deploy all our services to nurture an idea into something tangible. We see ourselves as a channel to success. Our role is to help, nurture and motivate you to aim beyond your own expectations. We are here to design a new Future together with you.

The Inspiration

Saudi Arabia brings many opportunities as well as a strong sense of responsibility. Taj Holding looks at the gaps in the Saudi market and sees both a duty to occupy them with meaningful businesses as well as profitable openings for new and inventive ideas. We look at our nation as a canvas for us to build on with innovation, consciousness and open-minded vision.