Non-sector oriented

A key element of Taj holding positioning is the fact that it is not oriented or driven by growth in any one particular sector. Diversification is, therefore, part of the organization's DNA.


Bridging Foreign Knowledge to Saudi Talent

Balancing out the need for help and the need for growth

Taj Holding understands that the real impact in Saudi Arabia's economy comes from empowering it rather than just importing concepts and knowledge.


Meaningful Participation

Relevance comes from economic and social impact

Creating new and innovative business ideas for an economy that is moving away from oil is just as important as creating jobs through the transference of knowledge into the Saudi labor ecosystem.


Destination for New Ideas

The right partner for growth

Diversification comes from the affluence of new ideas. The attractiveness comes from having the perception that you might be able to help. Proper support is a result of inspiring trust.