AHB is a Saudi bred architecture company with the right mix of western influence to its output. AHB focuses on delivering sophisticated architecture solutions to the Saudi market through a very young, motivated, creative, and well-mentored team of Saudi architects in Riyadh.



The Amaly Center is a medical center focused on psychological and family related issues. The Amaly Center has a 360 take on any psychological and family-related issues: it approaches the individual, the family, and society. In Amaly, individuals are treated and counseled; society is educated and, as a result, new and better people are built with the help of the specialists and partners of the clinic.



ATC.DEV is a provider of operation and maintenance services to large and complex public transportation systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



Business Services

AXIS Creative

AXIS is a creative innovation company providing a strategic approach to your brand and communication as well as a creative e approach to your business challenges and ambitions.




Over the past few decades, BESIDE has become the go-to partner for international brands Diesel, Fred Perry, Pinko, Scotch & Soda, and others thanks to our well-developed know-how of the Retail and Distribution sectors. This is evident through the success of our mono-brand stores as well as our franchising and wholesale network. We directly operate stores in the UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and Egypt. Additionally, we distribute to franchisers and wholesale operators in 11 Middle Eastern countries through our dedicated showrooms in Dubai.




Innovative boiler technology with a long tradition. With a history of more then 80 years and 1000 completed plants, EPCO is a market leader for "Grate Firing Systems" and "Gasifying and Direct Melting Furnace Systems".



ILS is a 4pl logistics suppliers focused on delivering the best overall logistics solutions for any complete supply chain ecosystem. ILS operates at the heart of each of its clients by leveraging its unique knowledge and experience to create the best knowledge-driven and solution-agnostic logistical infrastructure. ILS takes a step back and consults before designing, designs before implementing and implements before it manages.




Karim Plastic

For over many years, KarimPlastic Industries (KP) has been actively catering to the plastic manufacturing requirements of many small and large companies specialized in agriculture plastic products. Being based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and starting from humble beginnings, our passion for developing innovative polymer solutions lead us to gain the trust and acceptance of customers from many countries. Today we have completed several unique projects and manufacture for the Agriculture, Oil & Gas, aviation, Food & Beverage, hospitality, building & construction, retail, OEM and manufacturing industries.



MABDAA is a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions. MABDAA partners with unique global players to provide the Saudi market with the top of the line defense technology that allows for best in class data protection and encryption.



MAC Aerospace

MAC Aerospace Corporation provides customers with the logistical support of aircraft and advanced military defense systems. Over the past two decades, MAC has established itself as a reliable supplier for a wide range of components, including difficult-to-find and obsolete spare parts. MAC has expanded its capabilities to include an array of support solutions, from urgently needed spare parts for military defense systems to valuable services such as export licensing, engineering, and overhaul repair services.


Mass Mobility

Mass Mobility was created to respond to the growing public transportation challenges in Saudi Arabia. The company aims at providing the Kingdom with the leading transportation solutions found elsewhere in the world.




MEG Factory Co. for electrical panel boards is a manufacturing company established in 2015. MEG's manufacturing division contains the latest technology in a 2,000 sq. meter facility. The company is engaged in the production of electric distribution board systems and other electrical equipment by the designs and concepts of the customer.  The company is dedicated to providing the highest quality workmanship, meeting the agreed delivery dates, and executing the custom work exactly following the customer's concept.


Mount 6

Mount 6 Logistics Saudi Arabia Ltd. is striving to move any shipments, "We can move anything as big as a Mountain" while shipping efficiently and maintaining 6 Sigma standards. Mount 6 operates to and from Saudi Arabia with an experienced logistics team who understands and values your business to provide, design and execute your logistics tailored to your unique business needs, efficiently and cost-effectively. We are using and investing in high-end logistics IT platforms and equipment and believe in our people; our employees are vital in driving our business and delivering yours.



Noon United

Noon United is the operator of a diverse array of restaurants and cafes in Saudi Arabia. It aims at providing the Saudi market with concepts suitable for all ages and tastes: from premium to casual and by cuisines from the four corners of the earth.


Shared Services


NUCORP helps you focus on your business and it takes away the burden of the day to day hassle of managing your Human Resources, Accounting, and other mundane daily operations. We let you worry only about growing your company. Leave the rest up to us!


Sysatems Integration



Nudhum is a surveillance, safety, and security technology solution provider and system integrator, delivering turn-key mission-critical solutions.



Summit Helicopters

Summit Helicopters has the right mix of aircraft and experienced pilots to fulfill any of your helicopter requirements. With 30 years of dedicated service in operating helicopters, Summit is your premier helicopter specialist. Whether your mission requires corporate charter, aerial fire suppression, power line or pipeline patrol, external lifting, photography/cinematography or aerial application of herbicides, we have you covered. At Summit Helicopters, we are with you up and down!




Tam Technical Services (TTS) is a Premier Solutions Provider in the areas of procurement & logistics, technical training & capacity building, system integration & customized solutions and technical support & manning programs. We are a team of senior retired officers and seasoned managers who have excellent knowledge of the aerospace & defense business who have extensive experience dealing at the highest levels with companies and customers all over the world. Customer Mission Success is key to TTS.